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Visionary Bio Continued
Prophet Ella L. Rodgers, Founder and CEO

Prophet Ella sent by God, has committed and dedicated her life’s journey into nations to spread the “Good News” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of diverse territories.

Thousands of miles from home, family and friends, God’s voice resonates louder and deeper than the cries of kindred ties. She lives to exemplify the public ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The call on her life has led to the following international assignments:

Missionary and leadership coaching assignments in Accra, Ghana, Ghana for Christ Congress, (i2 Ministries, Dr. Joshua Lingel-Ministry Founder); Global Proclamation Congress, Bangkok, Thailand (Dr. Richard Ramesh-Visionary; Philippines - Luzon, Island Legazpi Bicol Region, Santicon. Albany; Manila- Philippines, Rome, Italy; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Colombia, South America; Okinawa, Japan-Yomitan International Church, (Apostle Glenn Kennedy-Founder); Kingdom Outreach Ministries International KOMI (Pastors Joseph and Kimberly King-Founder); Maputo, Mozambique (Iris Ministries-Heidi & Rolland Baker, Ministry Founders); Chennai, India; (AME Church - Bishop John & Rev. Celia Bryant-Founders):

Bio Continued
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Your donation will allow us to dig wells for fresh, clean drinking water in Vudede the Adaklu District of the Volta region of Ghana. Population, over 430 men, women and children.

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